20 Days, 20 Lessons: #10

Top five observations on your average road in Indonesia:

  1. Indonesians drive as if they are two hours late, which they probably are but no one cares here because jam karet (rubber time).
  2. It can be assumed that on a one lane road at least two cars will drive side by side (+ a number of motorbikes).
  3. Red lights mean do not go about 75% of the time.
  4. Missed your turn? No problem. Simply drive back into incoming traffic.
  5. Buses (their technical name, although I prefer aluminum boxes on wheels) are the most relentless of all vehicles. They will toot their clown horn and crush you and your little Yamaha Mio if you do not react quickly. Beware.

In summary, driving in Indonesia looks scary.

Lesson #10: It is scary. Driving a motorbike in Indonesia is like taking a defensive driving course in the United States, except 2 million times more challenging because you need enough eyeballs to cover the circumference of your head. My insurance should cost less.


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