20 Days, 20 Lessons: #9

Back in early November, I woke up nearly every morning hoping for rain. Magelang was struggling through a 10-month dry spell, water was scarce, and I was itching for a day when my shower and sink didn’t fail me. Rainy season sounded glorious; three months of cooler air, thunderstorms, a replenished water supply, and surely it would only rain heavily for an hour or two each day and I could proceed with my outdoor activities in the sunshine. Fast forward to today, May 9th. Rainy season finally arrived later in November, and has now overstayed its welcome by three months. As I write this, the sky is collapsing in on the city of Magelang. All of the outdoor activities that I intended on doing amidst the sunshine of rainy season have not been done. To answer your question as to why, I encourage you to look at Magelang’s weather forecast as my dad loves to do. While the monsoons have become bothersome, I’ll tell you what has improved: my water supply is more regular, I do not lose electricity quite as frequently as when the rain first began, the expanse of green is spectacular, and the poncho I get to wear while navigating traffic on my motorbike is both hilarious and practical.

Lesson #9: Beggars cannot be choosers. Do not underestimate the power of rain.


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