20 Days, 20 Lessons: #2

The night my family and I arrived to Bali, it was fairly late and we hadn’t eaten a real meal since breakfast at 7AM. Couple this with bad timing, and you had a group of hangry women searching for dinner. Our villa (that has a nice ring to it) had a restaurant that closed minutes before we sat down at a table, a recommended eatery nearby stopped delivering shortly before we called in an order, and there wasn’t much within walking distance. This is how you would describe shit out of luck. So, what did we do? Well, the incredibly kind receptionist must have seen the sheer terror in our faces, because without batting an eyelash he insisted on going to pick up our order at the restaurant and bringing it back to the villa. Personal delivery is not part of this man’s job, and in no way was it his fault for our poor planning. The much easier option would have been for him to call a taxi and give us the names of a few suggested restaurants. Yet, upon placing our order off he went, returning with dinner and a giant smile.

Lesson  2#: Indonesians are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Let me tell you why I chose a little anecdote from Bali. I will be honest, I had pretty low expectations for how my family and I were going to be treated on Bali compared to Java. Bali is full of tourists, many of whom are entitled white people that spend most of their time drinking in Kuta and couldn’t care less about getting to know Indonesia’s profound culture. Perhaps knowing the language helped, or simply being a mindful traveler, but this receptionist made my reconsider my initially low expectations (as well as how I define excellent service). It’s not just in small town Magelang where people go out of their way to help you. Many Indonesians do not have a lot, but I can confidently state that they do possess the wealthiest hearts and souls.


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