What’s New?

To be honest, nothing really. Except that I’m approaching the one month remaining mark. That’s insane.

It’s Monday night and I’m perched on my throne. (Bed, if you didn’t get that). I’m sipping a delicious homemade hot cocoa, the perfect treat for those chilly Indonesia nights. Ha! But yes, you read that right, homemade hot cocoa. I really owe it all to mama for the bimonthly shipments and superfood haul that she so kindly delivered to me. This little mug of richness contains cocoa powder, maca powder, turmeric powder, a dash of cinnamon + black pepper, honey, and a mixture of water + plenty of coconut cream. Who would’ve thought such comforts could be created in the mole hole. (I cannot take credit for this name. A friend living under similar circumstances referred to her room as such and it was too good not to adopt for thy own.) Anyway, aside from this drink, the mole hole has seen some wonderful dishes in the past few months. The cooking situation ain’t ideal, but I feel that this entitles me to boast about the savory (+ healthy!) coconut curries, sweet potato scrambles, and cauliflower rices that I have made on my single-burner. The first ever mole hole with Michelin stars.

In addition to envisioning my success on Top Chef, the following briefly sums up my recent life:

  1. Ibu, bibi, and sepupu visited and we had a lovely getaway to Bali.
  2. I turned 23. WAH.
  3. I traveled to Jakarta with a student that won the local WORDS Competition (an English speech and talent competition) at my school to compete in the national competition against students from each ETA’s school. My student studies beauty and her talent was a makeup tutorial. I was the model. Also, for many of the students, it was their first time on an airplane, first time away from home without their parents, first time in Jakarta. Lots of firsts. An exhausting but exhilarating few days.
  4. I finally went to the Gereja Ayam (Chicken Church). See below.
  5. I went to a cat show. Think: many cute felines WITH tails. (Add this to the list of random events that take place in Magelang).
  6. I am one step closer to creating SMK Negeri 3 Magelang’s first ever English Corner.
  7. I am beginning to briefly outline my post-grant travels.

Warm regards. XO.

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