Twelve Hours and Counting

So at some hour yesterday evening I posted this on Facebook:

In typical Savannah fashion, I have significantly underestimated the time that it takes to pack and repack, and repack…Unfortunately such repacking was cut short because my dog makes weird noises and my mom needed to reclaim my staging area in my brother’s room (thx Beau Trifiro) in order to sleep. Consequently, I have time to inform all of those that care (or don’t) about my upcoming adventure.

Tomorrow I leave for Indonesia to teach English in Central Java for 9(ish) months. I’m feeling just about every emotion that there is to be felt, but it’s cool and I’m psyched. For those that are interested, I have my blog below that I intend to keep relatively updated. I know you’re all oozing with excitement about said blog, but there are sadly no posts on it yet. Who knows, maybe something will appear on there prior to my departure. Also, I won’t be totally off the grid, only adjusting to the wifi (or lack thereof) and figuring out how to make my technology cooperate. Skype me, WhatsApp me, Facebook me, email me, send me a letter (address still a mystery), whatever you prefer. Visiting me is also an option and highly encouraged. Contact me directly and I will sell you on both the country and my humble city.

Wish me luck!

To my own surprise, I have almost finished packing (I am now in the phase where I keep adding stuff to my luggage, an equally dangerous pre-departure routine that I manage to encounter each time).

At this point, my flight takes off in just over 12 hours. Bless my poor parents who have to stay up long past their bed time to drive me to the airport, something they have become very accustomed to (not the staying up late, the driving to the airport…not sure which is worse). As I briefly mentioned on Facebook, I will be spending 9ish months working as an English Teaching Assistant through the Fulbright Program in Magelang, Indonesia. Magelang is relatively small, but home to Borobudur Temple, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, as well as the abandoned ‘Chicken Church‘ (do yourselves a favor and click the link). It comes at no shock that I have been placed in a city with such eclecticism, if you will.

For the sake of informing those who are intrigued by why I have barely been stateside (this summer in particular), I will back track a bit. I graduated from college, spent five weeks in Germany with my best friend, oriented myself to this whole Fulbright thing in DC for a few days, realized I missed my best friend too much to not plan one more visit before I shift hemispheres (cue my intense happiness and my wallet’s lack thereof), spent a magical week and a half in Italy, and here I am, approximately 12 hours and counting until I leave behind basically all things familiar. I have been incredibly lucky, with the most supportive parents, friends, and boyfriend, but most certainly have had my emotional ups and downs along the way (I love traveling, but I am also human and thus am subject to the perils of feeling overwhelmed). Here’s a little bit of my postgrad summer that was absolutely a dream.

I apologize for the slight disorder of images. I blame my laptop.


IMG_4701 IMG_4778


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